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Defending the EU Elections

Alliance4Europe is operating a network to identify and defend against disinformation threats and to enable scalable collaboration with those who want to defend democracy during and post- the European Parliament elections 2024. Public reports of these information threats identified are avaliable below.

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What we do

In 2019, we set out a strategy based on three pillars of action: Community Building, Digital Intelligence, and Campaign Creation. In the meantime we have put this plan into action. We support groups of actors to come together to cooperate. Then we develop the effective digital tools for impact. Then, we roll out campaigns for impact with those communities.

What we have seen that these pillars do not operate separately, but rather in tandem, one step amplifying another like cylinders driving the motion of an engine for European democracy.


We connect communities and build cooperation for impact. We develop civic tech tools to drive change.


We enable digital intelligence collection & analysis, to fight disinformation, and advance a democratic digital space.


We create & roll out campaigns to activate citizens for a more democratic Europe.


Towards the EU Elections 2024

Millions of European citizens living outside their country of origin are a strategically critical demographic. We are running a research-driven activation campaign to empower mobile citizens and protect against information threats.

Collaboration for our digital future

With leading International Partners, like the UN Department for Global Communications and the Nobel Prize Summit, we are bringing together key actors in the space of digital legislation, tools, business, and more, to advocate for a digital space that strengthens democracy and protects citizens.

Tools to build media literacy

Together with Goodly Labs, and the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, we are rolling out a world-changing tool for people to identify and label disinformation as they read through news articles. Interested? You can try the tool out for yourself here.

Creating impact with sports

Together with football icons Philipp Lahm & Célia Šašić, we’ve built a digital stage for grassroots football clubs in Germany to build projects, share best practices, connect with civil society, and help raise funds. Next step, the whole of Europe’s football world!

Collaboration through tech

With the European Hub, we’re linking up civil society for more effective cooperation. The Hub strengthens civil society actors across Europe by providing the tools to create community, share ideas and resources, find and access funding opportunities. You can join here.

Trainings for stronger communities

Resilient democracies are made with active and informed citizens. We’re working with partners across Europe to develop and give trainings to multiple different types of citizen groups on media literacy, countering disinformation, citizen participation, and building social campaigns.

Our vision is a democratic and hopeful Europe, where we can shape a successful future together.

Our Impact

Our campaigns have reached more than 74 million people across Europe. Our community of allies and partners include more than 70 million Europeans. We have grown a community of more than 1000 supporters and partners. For every 1 Euro we can campaign to reach ≈20 Europeans on average.




Certification Courses

Become certified on the DISARM Framework with new official courses to train analysts and those looking to enter the counter-disinformation field, developed and operated together with the DISARM Foundation.

DISARM is part of the official data exchange system on Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI) between the US Government and the European Union. It has been recommend for use by NATO/EU European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, the EU Cybersecurity Agency, and the EU External Action Service. 

Advanced Cognitive Security Course

The next level of analysis

A comprehensive course into cognitive security, where information security meets the challenges of misinformation, disinformation, and influence operations in the digital age.

DISARM Analyst Certification Course

Become a certified analyst

Become certified in the leading framework used by global institutions and organisations to counter disinformation at scale.

For Groups: DISARM Certification Course

Exclusive sessions for your group

Organise an exclusive DISARM training for your organisation. Available online and in-person on demand.

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