Digital Intelligence for Democracy

We connect communities for action

What we do

In 2019, we set out a strategy based on three pillars of action: Community Building, Digital Intelligence, and Campaign Creation. In the meantime we have put this plan into action. We support groups of actors to come together to cooperate. Then we develop the effective digital tools for impact. Then, we roll out campaigns for impact with those communities.

What we have seen that these pillars do not operate separately, but rather in tandem, one step amplifying another like cylinders driving the motion of an engine for European democracy.


We connect communities and build cooperation for impact. We develop civic tech tools to drive change.


We enable digital intelligence collection & analysis, to fight disinformation, and advance a democratic digital space.


We create & roll out campaigns to activate citizens for a more democratic Europe.

Our projects

Alliance4Europe works to achieve its mission of a more democratic and more powerful Europe through a selection of projects taking place across the continent. Click on the logos to find out more and click the arrow to see more projects.

Our vision is a democratic and hopeful Europe, where we can shape a successful future together.

Our Impact

Our campaigns have reached more than 74 million people across Europe. Our community of allies and partners include more than 70 million Europeans. We have grown a community of more than 1000 supporters and partners. For every 1 Euro we can campaign to reach ≈20 Europeans on average.




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