DISARM Certification (For Groups: Analyst Course)

Organise a DISARM Certification training for your team.

Advance your organisation with a private training session on the use of the DISARM framework – valuable for enabling your threat-hunters, analysts, report-writers, and executives, to effectively identify, map, and communicate about disinformation incidents.

DISARM (Disinformation analysis and Risk Management) is the open-source framework for identifying and reporting on disinformation behaviours. Adopted as part of the formal data exchange on Foreign Information Manipulation by the EU and the US, it is used and recommended by leading international organisations.

The DISARM Certification Course is focused on the real-world use of the DISARM framework, developed to give you the knowhow to effectively navigate, analyse, and report using the DISARM framework on disinformation incidents. Designed for practitioners and driven individuals looking to enter the counter-disinformation field.

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The Instructor: Stephen H. Campbell

Stephen H. Campbell specializes in researching and defending against asymmetric cyber, cognitive, and physical threats. As founder of Non-State Threat Intelligence, advisor to Eosedge Legal, and lead social media threat hunter for Sports-ISAO, he encourages clients to take an intelligence-led approach toward assessing and mitigating the risk of cyberattacks, digital manipulation, and violent extremism. Stephen has a combined 40 years’ experience in the fields of information technology and international security studies, as a programmer, analyst, product manager, trainer, researcher, curriculum developer, and virtual CISO. He is the inventor of the patent-pending CyberGaps® methodology for identifying, prioritizing and remediating gaps in an organization’s cyber defenses.

The Instructor: Julian Neylan

Julian Neylan works with DISARM as a trainings developer and in further developing the frameworks. He previously developed media literacy tools and has several research publications on online influence in outlets like Nature and World Medical & Health Policy.

Course overview:

Disinformation is a global threat that requires a large-scale coordinated response. Experts, civil society, campaigners, and communicators are in need of advanced tools to cooperate at scale.

This course is built to equip disinformation analysts with the tools and know-how to accurately identify actions used by malign actors and recommend effective counter-strategies.

From the intricacies of information influence online to the realms of political campaigns and FIMI, we utilise a real-world approach to training individuals to fully utilise the DISARM framework and break down disinformation campaigns.

What You'll Learn:

Influence Techniques: Understand the tactics and techniques employed in online influence campaigns.

Countermeasures: Explore tools, methods, and design patterns to detect, counter, and mitigate against online influence.

Course Schedule:

Online Classroom Sessions: Dive into 2 x 2 hour sessions of intensive instruction. (One week apart)

Homework: Solidify your learning with hands-on assignments.

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