Omri Preiss

Managing Director

EU affairs and civil society professional, having worked in the European Parliament, and for human rights and sustainability NGOs on campaigning and advocacy.

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Maia Mazurkiewicz

Head of StratCom

Strategic communication expert, coordinator of the European Front network in Poland, former chancellor to the Polish President with a background as a lawyer.

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Benjamin Zeeb

Head of Partnerships

Historian, journalist and author on European affairs and international relations, founder of the think-tank Project for Democratic Union.

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Carola Hesse

Head of Fundraising

A certified EU fundraiser, programme manager, and film-maker, with wide ranging experience in culture and arts projects as well as projects on social inclusion and citizenship.

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Emma Baker

Data Analyst

A young but ambitious data-enthusiast, with academic background in both social science and data science. Persistent on joining the fight against disinformation and contributing to a more democratic digital space through civil society.

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George Bandy

Project Coordinator

Junior professional in European affairs and citizen engagement, with experience leading multiple youth and student organisations. Keen writer on all matters from big data to green policy.

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The Alliance4Europe shareholders and board members were brought together from a wide range of organizations and institutions. Our supervisory board and group of shareholders consist of prominent advocates of European cooperation.

Christopher Clark

Prominent historian, author, and Regius Professor of History at the University of Cambridge.

Sonja Stuchtey

Serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and senior advisor to tech start-ups.

Agnieszka Holland

Polish film and television director and screenwriter. President of the European Film Academy.

Michael Schaefer

Former chair of the BMW Foundation, German ambassador.

Peter Willisch

Former director of several investment firms, organizer for Pulse of Europe, and co-founder of Alliance4Europe.

AC Grayling

Philosopher and author who writes and speaks extensively on Europe, democracy and citizen participation. He is founder and master of the New College for the Humanities in London.