Elementary students interpret friendship in Europe

8 May 2019 | Activity Page, News | 0 comments

The vision of Alliance 4 Europe is “A Europe for and by its Citizens”. We advocate for citizen participation and we encourage non-voters to raise their voice and vote for the Europe they want to live in. But what about children? Since they also live in Europe, we believe they should also have a say about how they view their own future!

We sent out a letter and asked school teachers across the EU if they would be interested to speak to their students about the EU and to encourage them to share their view on international friendship in a creative way.

The idea was born from a project initiated by teacher Emmanuelle Héron-Candenot at the European School of Brussels II when she asked all her students to bring in a piece of blue cloth so they could make a patchwork flag of the EU together. The result was amazing and so engaging that we are using the flag as a symbol of the vote4friendhip campaign song.

To date, three elementary schools responded and took up the challenge. Two from Greece and one from Brussels. The result of the student work is inspiring and didactic. If only grown-ups could learn from children and their pure hearts… Our intent is to continue this initiative past the elections, and help raise awareness of the EU and its functions from a much younger age.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in the project, please contact us via our website!

Below you can see some of the students’ works from the different schools – we are astounded how wise, open and inclusive these European pupils are: