EU Elections 2024

Empowering Citizens and Defending Democracy through Digital Intelligence


We are running an intelligence driven campaign, towards the EU Elections in 2024 – to combat disinformation and turn out voters. We are joining forces with dozens of movements, organisations and businesses across Europe.

The elections on June 6 to 9 2024 will define Europe’s direction through urgent global crises. We are working in collaboration with partners to amplify the voices of Europeans who want a more hopeful future. We have come together with partners across Europe with the 9o6 campaign, together with the B Lab the business for good network, civic tech company Civocracy, the Club of Rome, and many more.

Millions of European citizens have a postive view of democratic values, but might not go vote – they will determine the outcome of the elections. Mobile citizens in particular embody many of the values of and enjoy many of the rights enabled by the EU. If they turn out to vote, they will shape the next European Parliament and the entire EU.

To empower mobile citizens, Alliance4Europe is:

Collecting digital intelligence to identify trends, tactics, and narratives – countering disinformation with citizen action.

Carrying out qualitative and quantitative concept development and test campaign messaging.

Carrying out a digital communications campaign leveraging our networks.

Building cooperation against dinformation threats

Alliance4Europe is operating an information sharing and analysis centre (ISAC), to identify and defend against disinformation threats and to enable scalable collaboration with those who want to defend democracy. Our work provides digital intelligence for strategic communications campaigning, and inform actions by decision-makers.

Alliance4Europe has supported DISARM, the global standard in data sharing on disinformation tactics. DISARM provides the capability to set up Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs) to coordinate action and digital intelligence to counter information threats across networks. This brings together networks of analysts working to counter threats, and provides actionable intelligence on a scale previously not possible.

You can find the reports generated from the ISAC here.

Our work has been made possible through donations and grants – support our work to make a difference now.







Image credit: @ Unsplash