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Master class | 4 Weeks | €199 (excl. VAT. Non-profit initiative)

Join us for a month-long master class in campaigning and civil society leadership: all in time for the European elections in June & beyond. This training combines the community organising method of leadership training, developed at Harvard University, with running your own real-life campaign in Europe.

We are launching this class ahead of the European elections to enable activists to apply these practices to their campaigns right now. Build you skills in storytelling and public narrative, relationship building, strategy development, and enabling action. Register today to lead the way to greater citizen action, and a more inclusive, democratic, Europe.

Meet your instructors: Nikola Ilic

Nikola is an activist, leadership development professional, and professor of leadership. He has been an activist since the age of 15 when he joined the Serbian anti-dictatorship movement. He led many community organising campaigns and built social movements in Serbia, Europe, and USA. As an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, he is teaching two courses: Ethical Leadership and Democratic Leadership. His pedagogy is focused on learning by doing and action-learning. Currently, he is leading different leadership development programs at UNICEF, the Obama Foundation, and the US Government. He is actively working with many pro-democracy activists worldwide, enabling them to build movements and scale impact.

Meet your instructors: Omri Preiss

Omri is an EU affairs and civil society professional, having worked in the European Parliament, and for human rights and sustainability NGOs on campaigning and advocacy. He has completed courses at Harvard university on organizing, leadership, storytelling and narratives. He has extensive experience as a campaigner, organiser, and trainer with civil society and political movements across Europe.

Course Plan:

Session 1: Storytelling for Leadership – Learn how to tell your story to inspire others to join you in action! Learn what it takes to become an inspiring and authentic leader. Connect yourself and others to the purpose in order to tackle collective challenges with more emotional capacity to overcome them.

Session 2: Relationship and Trust Building – Learn how to build meaningful relationships to build more trust and expand your influence. Strategic relationship building and strategic “1 on 1” conversations are one of the most underestimated yet most powerful tools in leadership. This is where you learn how to recruit others to join you and build your community.

Session 3: Leading Effective Team – Leading change is a collective effort. Learn how to lead an effective team by crafting a collective purpose, mindful working culture, and tapping into the power of co-creation. We will also teach you the basics of effective facilitation to lead in a truly democratic way.

Session 4: Creative Strategy and Effective Action – Although based on broad values, effective organising campaigns focus on a clear strategic objective, a way to turn those values into action, and a workable path to full implementation. Learn how to craft an effective strategy that leverages the resources you already have, alongside what it takes to craft effective tactics and action to drive change.

Course Format:

Online Classroom Sessions: Dive into 4 x 2 hour sessions of intensive instruction. (Monday evenings, CET)

Weekly Post-Session Actions: Implement your learnings straight away by building your campaign through guided hands-on assignments for each week.

Support Contact: Have access to a course supporter for any questions or clarifications during your learnings.


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Act now to reserve your place & empower yourself with skills and experience to create and implement effective action for a more progressive Europe.

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