European Disinfo ISAC

Intelligence sharing to defend against digital information threats


DISARM has been on the move forward  – it has been integrated into the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation, tested and highly recommended by the EU-NATO Hybrid Centre of Excellence, the EU External Action Service and the EU Cybersecurity Agency

As of December 2022, Alliance4Europe has joined the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation and elected Outreach Coordinator for the group of signatories.

Setting out a ‘whole of society’ approach against disinformation and information manipulation requires drawing on diverse tools. We are looking to apply cybersecurity best practices to the information space. Alliance4Europe is scoping out an Information Sharing and Analysis Centre – ISAC – on disinformation, to pilot using a cybersecurity model on intelligence sharing to defend against digital information threats. The ISAC will enable like-minded actors to effectively and securely share data and analysis, and distribute threat intelligence to those who need it, for effective coordinated action. 

We invite like-minded partners who would like to join the initiative to reach out and work with us, to join up the ecosystem and defend democracy together.