Illustrators encourage citizens to vote in the EU Elections!

8 May 2019 | Activity Page, News | 0 comments

In the framework of the Europe-wide #vote4friendship campaign, 17 graphic designers and illustrators created posters depicting the value of friendship in a diverse but interconnected world.

“Pencil Friends” is a creative way to encourage European youth to speak up and vote in the EP elections from May 23-26, 2019 for the future they want.

According to research findings, youth across Europe supports the notion of a United Europe, however, it is not interested in its activities or in voting at the EU election process. Youth does not identify with the EU and its institutional bureaucracy, which results in even more distance between the young population and the EU values of peace, security, freedom, and stability.

The #vote4firendship campaign was designed to bridge this gap, by capitalizing on the value of friendship across borders. This concept resonates with the Erasmus Generation and reinforces the connection with the European Union and its people.

The “Pencil Friends” component of the #vote4friendship campaign engaged young artists from 17 EU member states. Each of them designed a unique character representing a “friend-country”. Individual heroes have been connected as international couples and then transformed into posters. In each illustration, the characters shake hands depicting their connection and solidarity, aiming to encourage citizens of all ages to vote for friendship in this EU Election.

Friendship defies all borders and connects people, regardless of their nationality, color or political beliefs. Few cities in Europe have already agreed to use the visuals in public spaces to encourage their citizens to become more active. Stay tuned from updates and join us this May for a united future in Europe.

View our entire Pencil Friends Gallery here and feel free to use them!

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