EU Elections Information Sharing and Analysis Centre

4 Jun 2024 | News

Alliance4Europe (A4E) has together with 29 partner organisations set up an EU Election Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) to protect the June European Parliament (EP) elections from domestic and foreign disinformation threats and to work in collaboration with like-minded initiatives. The ISAC is working on coordinating common responses and recommendations and promoting each other’s work.

We aim to create a whole-of-society response to disinformation, combining our analytical and response capabilities with the responsive capacities of CSOs, major institutions, governments, and media. The initiative aims to combine insights and resources to detect, analyse, report, and respond to disinformation threats towards the EP elections

The collaboration aims to distribute disinfo briefs that include clear and actionable recommendations for mitigation and countermeasures. All who contributed to the briefs will be cited as contributors.

This will add value by providing:

  1. A collaborative European community where we can exchange cases, tools, and methods
  2. The possibility to have your work and name promoted to actors in the field; including  CSOs, media, EU institutions, and governments;
  3. A4E will disseminate recommendations coming from the ISAC to VLOP platforms through reporting channels, and EU institutions forums
  4. Access to a common database of threat actor channels.

The initiative aims to complement and work in synchrony with like-minded initiatives in the field, like the EEAS ISAC and EU Code of Practice – not reinventing the wheel, but fostering closer collaboration. The ISAC working method is well-established in the cyber field but very new in the information field. We are co-creating and learning together

Through this coordinated approach, we will not only increase efficiency but also share experiences and resources, and identify cross-country threats