Call for Research Proposals

11 Apr 2023 | Vacancies | 0 comments

Call for Research Proposals: Anti-migration Narratives and Narrative Changes in the Context of the War in Ukraine

Before the war, there were approximately 1 million Ukrainians living in Poland and in some regions, relationships between the Polish and Ukrainian communities were quite strained. Those relationships are being strained further due to a large amount of disinformation, which, exacerbated by Russia, is leading to polarization, xenophobia and increasing tensions between Poles and Ukrainians. Polish society is particularly susceptible to disinformation spread due to the low levels of media literacy and the high level of trust in online content. Government reforms in Poland after 2015 have led to a deteriorating rule of law, restricted political liberties and civil rights, public media control, and weakened public trust in institutions in general.

We are seeking researchers and research groups that will conduct research into the area of anti-migration narrative and narrative changes in the context of the war in Ukraine.


The objective of this research is to investigate the current narratives and attitude changes of the Polish community in the area of Ukrainian war and migration. Specifically, we are interested in research proposals that:

  • Examine the current narratives in the area
  • Explore the ways in which narrative changes impact attitudes towards different social groups or issues, such as Ukrainian refugees
  • Examine the role of different actors in shaping narratives used by the local communities
  • Investigate the factors that contribute to narrative changes
  • Explore the avenues to change and modify harmful narratives and shape the public option through positive communication through education
  • Consider the potential for narratives to promote greater understanding and integration between different groups, especially the Polish and Ukrainian communities


The proposed research should utilize rigorous and ethical research methods. We are open to various methodology proposals the research team finds suitable for achieving the aforementioned research objectives. It’s important that the research is conducted in both qualitative and quantitative terms. The research proposal should in addition include a detailed description of the methods, such as focus groups, interviews, surveys etc. utilised.


The research in the field of Ukraine-related disinformation will be further used to develop communications and campaigns on the attitude change of Polish citizens towards refugees as well as an evidence-based awareness-raising campaign in the field of mental health and psychosocial support. We are seeking researchers that would be willing to cooperate with us on the post-research communication around the research outcomes. Specifically, we would like to ask for:

  • Formulating the communication objectives
  • Supporting the development of the communication strategy in accordance with research findings in the fields of
    • Narrative changes and disinformation
    • Positive communication around migration and migrants
    • Social cohesion and integration

Timeline and Budget

The project should be completed by the 30th of June 2023. The maximum amount awarded for the research project is 18 000 euros.

Research proposals should include the project timeline as well as the budget proposal including all necessary resources and materials.

The timeline should include:

  • Project starting and ending dates
  • Project milestones
  • Deliverables due dates

The budget should include at the very least:

  • Personnel costs
  • Research tools costs

Research Submission Guidelines and Deadlines

Please submit your research proposal in a PDF document, as well as the Budget sheet in an Excel format by 24.03.2023 through email at


Maia Mazurkiewicz, Head of StratComm at Alliance4Europe